Beef Tenderloin Tataki

Grilled Beef tenderloin with sweet potato puree, sauteed mushroom with mushroom sauce, asparagus, and Ginger Teriyaki sauce. Served with miso soup and rice.

Seafood Tempura

Deep Fry Shrimp, Fish, Scallop, and assorted vegetables with our house made tempura batter. Served w/ miso soup and rice

Maki Platter

Tuna Salmon California Eel Avocado Negi Hamachi/Yellow Tail Avocado Cucumber Eel Cucumber Crunchy Spicy Tuna Crunchy Spicy Salmon Crunchy Shrimp Salmon Avocado Cilantro Tuna Avocado Cilantro Tuna Jalapeno Smoked Salmon Shrimp Tempura Salmon Skin